Conveyancing Searches, Insurance & Compliance Services for the Conveyancer

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We offer a range of property searches, defective title insurance and compliance services for the conveyancing professional.
Established in 2008, our award winning service is recognised for an innovative approach and personal service that supports the conveyancer.

Adding Value

We add value through a range of market leading services that help you deliver a better service to your client.

 Property Screening

Our unique service provides you and your client with the most comprehensive risk screening available.
Properties are screened against 24 potential risks with results shown in a clear traffic light display. Searches are recommended where potential risks have been found.
A Property Screening Report is produced for your client to demonstrate the depth of risk screening.

Clear Pricing, Samples and Turnarounds

Useful information helps you make informed choices and act in the best interests of your client.
Turnaround times are updated daily and live tracking of all searches ensures you know exactly what is happening on all cases


Supporting the conveyancer is what we do best and is what makes us stand out from the crowd