CML Handbook Compliance

JET assists conveyancers in managing their exposure to lender negligence claims through an online tool that contains the lending instructions and rules from the CML handbook and all the top lenders. It checks every case against the latest lending criteria, turning a 45-minute manual handbook process into a 5-minute automated task.

The handbook is vast and covers 120 lenders. JET is the first and only platform to give conveyancers, and lenders, the comfort and audit-able assurance that they are compliant with each and every element of the lender’s handbook.

Why Use This Service

Save time & improve efficiency

The time spent in reading, interpreting and then cross-referring to the file can be as much as 45 minutes. JET has already digitised, analysed and filtered the data and, where possible, converted it to plain English. The JET journey should take no longer than 5 minutes.


The Lender’s Handbook is maintained externally via the CML website, as are all Part II variables. JET incorporates all this data (over 21,000 entries) into a single platform. Through the use of filters it limits the conveyancer’s journey to those queries directly relevant to the transaction in hand.


JET retains a record of every query and every response as well as assessing the responses to provide a PASS/FAIL/REFERRED certificate. This record is in pdf format and can be stored in case management software or a paper file so that there is an audit trail of the conveyancer’s journey which Lenders, Insurers or Panel Managers can verify.


£10.00 + vat per case


“It is always good to see innovative products which help those involved in the housing market to counter the very real problems of fraud and negligence. JET has developed a means of helping conveyancers use our handbook which should make it easier for them to protect against these risks.”

Paul Smee, Director General – CML

How to Order

Either order Jet alongside the rest of your conveyancing searches, add Jet to an existing case or buy it separately. Click the New Orders button to start the fast track process.