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Track, Download, Audit

The on-line case manager is a central hub which stores your searches and any related information regarding your case. Searches in progress are colour coded and show an expected return date. Completed searches are stored on the case indefinitely as are Order Confirmations, Invoices, Plans and an archive of the case history.

Search Tracking

Track progress on-line. Status of your order is colour coded and shows % complete.

Case Documents

Order Confirmations, Invoices, Search Alert Results, Searches & Plans available online.

Audit Trail

A full history of all case activity is recorded on the case.

Search Alerts

Results are stored on the case giving you evidence to support your due diligence.

Keep Informed.

5661879987_f3646dc9a5_bThe case manager is where you will find everything that relates to your case. Within it you will be able to find out when searches are expected, what search alerts were identified for the property, the costs of the case, who ordered what and when and a complete history of all activity.

You will also be able to download searches, invoices, order confirmations, plans and a search alert report.

Audit Trail

The Search Alert results and recommended searches are stored online as part of the case file. This can be downloaded for inclusion in your file or to be shown to your client.


Each property is screened against 15 known risks including; Mining (Coal, Tin, Limestone &  Clay), Infrastructure (HS2, Crossrail), Energy (Fracking, Wind and Solar Farms), Flooding (River, Coastal and Surface),  Subsidence and Radon Gas.


The results of screening are shown in a red and green traffic light panel giving a clear and easily interpreted display. The screening confirms whether there is evidence of a risk being present at the property address.


Where there is evidence of a potential risk present at a property location an appropriate search is recommended that will give your client more detail. This ensures your client is fully aware of the potential risks present at the property and also protects you and your firm.