Clear, detailed insight into underground utilities.

The Combined Utilities Report provides underground service information relevant to a development site, including gas and oil pipelines, electricity cables, telecommunication wires, mains water supplies, sewerage and fibre-optic cables.

The report consists of 35 -45 utility company responses advising whether they have apparatus or assets within the site boundary. Where the site is affected, maps are provided showing the exact locations of the services.

GroundSure Utility Report

GroundSure Utility is compiled in partnership with land-surveyor Technics Group, and mapping provider Emapsite, to create a single, up-to-date, definitive report. All potential risks are marked on digitized maps for full location accuracy, and all costs are 100% transparent.

The benefits:

  • Latest, most detailed Ordnance Survey site-location plan
  • Results schedule detailing which utilities affected the search area
  • Telecoms & cable, water & drainage infrastructure; gas & oil pipelines; and rail & underground tunnels & service lines
  • Additional, location-dependent data, such as Railtrack infrastructure and Royal Mail underground tunnels in London
  • Supporting correspondence from, and full contact details for, concerned utility providers


Utility Essentials (upto 25HA/500m length)

Utility Essentials provides detail on the 5 key services – Gas, Electric, Water, Sewage and British Telecom. The Essentials report is ideal for sites where only the main utility providers are likely to be present or for projects where the availability of utilities needs to be identified. £350 + vat

Utility Premium (upto 25HA/500m length)

Utility Premium provides comprehensive information about all services affecting your site including Gas and Oil pipelines, mains Water and Sewage, Telecoms and fibre-optic cables. This report is ideal for when comprehensive site information is required, ensuring due diligence for your client. £450 + vat

These prices apply for sites up to 25ha, larger sites are priced upon request.

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Product Card
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Landmark Utility Report

Landmark’s Utilities Report collates all utility information into a single source and provides valuable information on features below the surface.

What’s included:

  • A visual overview map of the search area defined by the client
  • A summary report showing a list of utility companies contacted, which have responded and distinguishing between affected/not affected responses.
  • Utility company response plans where affected, or a response letter confirming the location not affected.

The benefits:

  • Comprehensive – 35-45 utilities searched for each site
  • Effective Reporting – Responses are separated into “Affected’ and ‘Unaffected’ sections
  • Fixed Price – No hidden disbursement charges
  • Guaranteed – A fresh new search on every site is assured
  • Quality Assurance – Every plan is checked for accuracy
  • Unique – A status report to quickly complete a risk screen of the development


  • Standard Service (20 working days turnaround) £350.00 + vat
  • Premium Service (10 working days turnaround) £450.00 + vat
  • Express Service (5 working days) £550.00 + vat

Fees include disbursements and are fixed for sites under 10ha in area or 1400m perimeter, after which price upon application is applicable.