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Integration provides use of ROT generation software.

Searchpoint announce partnership with Lexsure.

Lexsure have announced that their Report on Title platform, e-ROT, is now integrated with search provider Seachpoint enabling conveyancing teams to forgo manually setting up cases on the e-ROT platform. Instead, as a firm orders their search bundle the case will automatically be created and pre-populated with data from Searchpoint.

With the Searchpoint integration, firms avoid any duplication of data saving valuable time.

It’s a good example of conveyancing support services working together through integration to bring greater efficiencies and therefore value to their client firms.

Lexsure’s Report on Title generator service, e-ROT, can significantly reduce the time spent producing a Report on Title to between 12 and 20 minutes depending on whether the tenure is leasehold or freehold.

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“It is clear the conveyancing market has been crying out for a better way to generate Reports on Title. Using the e-ROT integration will save firms time optimising the reporting process. We are continuing to provide our clients with the best possible integration and functionality.”

Tony Clarke, Director, Searchpoint

‘As one of the most progressive search providers in the  industry, Searchpoint is an important partner for our e-ROT system integration. From our early conversations with Searchpoint, they were clearly a natural fit for us to work with as we both have a strong commitment to innovative new technologies and outstanding law firm support.”

Simon Seaton, CEO, Lexsure

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Searchpoint Integration & Costs.

This is primarily a pay-as-you-report service however through the partnership the report costs are paid by Searchpoint.

In additional to the benefits of the e-ROT system, our integration means that for each search pack you order through Searchpoint a case would be created on the Lexsure ROT system, saving you time re-keying in clients names, addresses, references etc. Also the per-report fee of £7.50 (freehold) and £9.50 (leasehold) pus VAT, would be paid by Searchpoint.

There are some additional costs payable to Lexsure. For more information on costs click here

The e-ROT report fee; £7.50 (freehold) and £9.50 (leasehold) plus VAT is paid by Searchpoint and replaces the usual search pack discount offered on searches.

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Searchpoint is integrated with Lexsure to give free use of ROT generation software.

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