Groundsure Avista

Avista is a comprehensive risk report – offering clear risk assessments, plain English explanations and next steps with the majority of pass reports being on average fewer than 20 pages.

The most comprehensive environmental search report available, Avista includes assessments of Contaminated Land, all major flood risks, ground stability, radon, current and planned energy features and transportation, and 10 years of planning data.

Avista has been developed to offer something better. Better data with over 106 million data points analysed and filtered covering seven key environmental categories, including planning. Based on Land Registry polygons, results are more accurate and deliver more passed reports as a result.

By filtering these environmental datasets, using Land Registry polygons, only relevant results are returned making it easy to locate vital information and next steps.

Avista includes JBA groundwater 5m resolution flood data, meaning:

  • Risk assessment is more targeted and accurate
  • Data is risk-based rather than being based on geological potential. It has been calculated on a return period of 1 in 100 years
  • The Avista risk calculator has been adjusted to take into account this data, making the flood calculator more accurate

Features and benefits

  • Seven environmental searches, including planning applications
  • Based on Land Registry polygon data for the highest level of accuracy
  • Unique Avista Action Alert to help prioritise follow-up work
  • Transparent information and plain English explanations make any risks clear
  • Less than 20 pages saves everyone time
  • From Groundsure utilising the environmental expertise of 30+ consultants


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