Residential Chancel Insurance at No Extra Cost

Include a residential chancel insurance policy with your usual residential conveyancing searches and we will pay the premium for your client.

The Residential Chancel Insurance discount scheme enables you to offer your clients effective protection against potential chancel repair liability at no additional cost to them.

There is also no need to conduct a search to reveal if a potential chancel liability exists as the insurance negates the need for this.

Your client benefits by saving over £35 on search costs (No Chancel Check or Chancel Insurance Premium).

Residential Chancel Insurance Discount

To obtain the Residential Chancel Insurance Discount follow these steps:

  1. Add your searches (minimum LA, DW & Enviro) to your basket.
  2. Add the chancel policy.
  3. Checkout

The premium will be paid by Searchpoint to First Title Insurance plc on your behalf.

The policy can be ordered as a draft policy if preferred and the discount will apply when you issue it upon completion.

The Chancel Insurance policy (draft or issued) has to be included with the original search order, if not you will receive the normal pack discounts on the original order and the chancel policy will be charged for.

The discount scheme applies to residential property with up to £1m indemnity that meets the standard policy assumptions. 

Policy Cover

Covers a claim by a third party enforcing the benefit of a potential chancel repair liability which is enforceable against the land up to the indemnity limit.

Indemnity Limit – Up to £1m

Successor Cover – Covers the insured and the insured’s successors in title, including purchasers, lessees and mortgagees.

Period of insurance – In Perpetuity

Underwritten by First Title Insurance plc

Benefits to your Client

Your client is protected against any potential chancel repair liability at no additional cost. Your client also saves on the cost of searches to reveal if a potential chancel repair liability may exist. They, therefore, save on both the Chancel Check and the Chancel Insurance (£35.87).

Benefits to the Conveyancer

You are protecting your client and saving them money and are therefore working in their best interests. The issue of Chancel Repair Liability is effectively dealt with at no cost to your client.

The process of ordering, invoicing and payment is also simplified, quicker and more efficient as searches and insurance are done at the same time. Your search costs are also lower, enabling you to offer a more competitive service.

Searchpoint is a trading name of The Vesey Partnership Limited, an appointed representative of First Title Insurance plc, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 202103.