About First Title Insurance plc

First Title Insurance plc is a UK regulated insurer and part of a worldwide group with revenues in excess of $5.2 billion.

First Title Insurance plc offer a wide range of cover from standard defective title policies through to bespoke portfolio and mortgage lenders cover. First Title Online offers a quick and convenient way to obtain quotes and issue policies however should the risk be non standard or require bespoke underwriting please contact us and we will arrange an Underwriter to quote or contact you.

First Title On-line

First Title On-line is a service that enables you to quote, draft and issue a fully underwritten policy from a choice of over 45 known residential and commercial risks. Using First Title On-line gives you the benefit of a 20% discount compared to off line prices. Furthermore Residential risks can be combined within a single multiple risk policy for additional savings of up to 25%.

  • Over 45 known risks to choose from
  • Single risk premiums discounted by 20%
  • Combine multiple risks and save a further 25%
  • 200% inflation cover free of charge
  • Easy, quick and convenient to use
  • Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Self-issue policies at the click of a button
  • Delivered instantly to your email address
  • Competitive premiums
  • Non- successor or successor cover
  • In-perpetuity, 15 or 25 year cover
  • registered liability on title
  • no acreage limits

Over 45 commercial and residential known risks covering both continued use and development.

  • Absent Landlord
  • Adverse Possession
  • Building Over A Sewer (Lender Only)
  • Building Regulations / FENSA / Gas and/or Electrical Certificate
  • Chancel Repair (Successor and Non-Successor
  • Registered Chancel Repair Liability
  • Conservation Area Consent
  • Contingent Buildings Cover
  • Defective Leases
  • Easements
  • Environmental (10 and 15 years)
  • Flying/Creeping Freehold
  • Forced Removal/Obstruction of a Right of Way
  • Freehold Flat (Lender Only)
  • Good Leasehold
  • Good Leasehold and Absentee Landlord
  • Insolvencies
  • Limited/No Title Guarantee
  • Listed Building Consent (Lender Only)
  • Local Authority Searches
  • Maisonette Indemnity
  • Missing Deed
  • Missing Lease
  • NHBC and Architects Certificate (Lender Only)
  • Outstanding Charges Entry
  • Planning Permission
  • Possessory Title
  • Rent Charge
  • Reserved Rights to Mine
  • Restrictive Covenant
  • Title Subject to a Lease
  • Unknown Freehold Restrictive Covenants

Good Title/Mortgage Lender policies give a title guarantee against known and unknown risks on a portfolio.

Premium spilt into pre-planning and post planning premiums in case planning is not obtained

Consequential loss on infrastructure/grid connections, de-commissioning costs etc.

Searchpoint is a trading name of The Vesey Partnership Limited, an appointed representative of First Title Insurance plc, which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority under registration number 202103.