Your Search Partner

Managing Multiple Transactions.

We can help process your portfolio thereby freeing up your time for something more productive. Our FREE service includes;

  • Free quotation
  • Individual cases created on your behalf
  • Boundary mapping uploaded
  • All searches ordered
  • Searches tracked
  • Searches delivered to your nominated contact.

Simple Process

Provide us with the property addresses, the searches required and the boundary plans. We will create individual cases, upload the plans and order searches for you. Searches will be delivered as they arrive to your nominated contact.

Case Manager

Each property will have its own case showing the expected delivery dates of any outstanding searches.  The case will also show the search alert screening results and a full audit trail of activity.

No Additional Fees

There are no additional fees associated with this service. You only pay for the searches that you order which are also subject to the usual bundle discounts. The total cost of searches will be agreed before the portfolio is processed.


  • The ability to order multiple searches on multiple properties quickly and easily.
  • A single point of contact dedicated to your portfolio.
  • Searches sent as soon as they arrive or batched for convenience.
  • Free service – No additional charges, you only pay for the searches you order.
  • Available for residential or commercial properties, no minimum order.

How to Order:

  • Send us a spreadsheet detailing the addresses of all properties,
  • Include on the spreadsheet any client references that you require quoting,
  • Include boundary plans for each property,
  • Tell us the searches you require,
  • We will advise;
    • The cost in total and broken down by property and individual search,
    • Any recommended searches based on the location of each property,
    • The expected turnaround time.
  • Upon approval we will process the instructions,
  • You will receive an Order Confirmation for each property in the portfolio which will give you a case number. You will be able to view each case and track the progress of the searches on-line,
  • Order Confirmations and Search results will be sent by email to your nominated contact.

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0845 680 5608