Risk Management & Compliance

We offer a range of compliance services which can help you manage your exposure to risk, including Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Theft, Bogus Firms, Lender Handbook compliance as well as meeting the requirements of the Code of Practice.

  • Jet Convey – Lender Handbook Part 2 compliance
  • AML & ID checks – Market leading UK & International AML & ID checks
  • Bank Account Verification- Checks the source of funds and destination account
  • Property Screening & Search Alerts warn against unknown risks that could affect future value.
  • Comparing search turnaround times and prices so that you act in your client’s best interests.

Outcomes-Focussed Regulation

Searchpoint includes features that can help you demonstrate compliance with the SRA Code of Practice.

Having independent choice, an awareness of turnaround times & pricing for all search options and thorough screening ensures you are acting in the best interests of your clients.