March 2018

Groundsure have introduced a number of changes to their product line-up

Following the launch of Avista in 2017 Groundsure has developed a suite of reports, including a NEW Homebuyers Plus, Homescreen, Flood and Planning, in which the Avista quality standard of detail, look, layout and navigation is replicated to ensure a high quality premium range of products.

Groundsure’s Planning, Flood and Homescreen reports have all been redesigned with new features, improved layout and design for clearer navigation, improving workflow for solicitors.

New Search

  • Homebuyers Plus

Enhanced Searches

  • Groundsure Homescreen
  • Groundsure Planning
  • Groundsure Flood

Retired Searches

  • Groundsure Estate
  • Groundsure Street Talking
  • Planval Capital Allowances
  • Planval Planning

Product Matrix

The product matrix shows how each search within the range fits together and gives a simple visual guide to the contents of each search.

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