Lowering Costs, Adding Value.

A Pack Discount of up to £25.00 applies whenever multiple searches are ordered.

Any combination of searches attracts a pack discount. Pack discounts range from £5 to £30.00 depending on your order. Select any searches and add them to your basket, the discount is automatically calculated as you add more searches.

This flexible pack discount means that you are not tied to ordering a pre-configured search pack and are free to select any combination of searches to suit your client.

Mapping is free to use. 

Upload or create your own boundary plan using the latest Ordnance Survey mapping software. Whilst we pay O/S royalties we absorb these charges instead of passing them on to you.

Bundle discounts and free mapping add up to an overall saving of approx 10% compared to some search providers. These lower search costs help you compete on a competitive high street and online. As well as lower costs, Searchpoint gives the conveyancer a comprehensive range of valuable benefits designed to improve efficiency and support your risk management.

Compliance & Risk Management

We offer a range of compliance & risk management services.