About Company Searches

Up to date, accurate and professional company, director and shareholder reports from official sources, including;

  • Companies House (company accounts, adverse information, mortgages, directors)
  • Registry Trust (CCJ’s & Scottish decrees)
  • Thompson Directory (address information)
  • London and Edinburgh Gazette (petitions, winding-up orders, creditors meetings, liquidators and bankruptcy notices)

The full document search for Company House documents includes:

  • Certificate of Incorporation plus changes of name
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Latest Directors Reports
  • Latest Accounts
  • Latest Annual Returns and subsequent changes
  • Mortgage Register
  • Liquidation / receivership / winding up / dissolution

The company report includes the following sections:

  • Ownership – a breakdown of group structure and all live subsidiaries ranked by turnover
  • Profit & Loss Account – details all items for the last 5 years, indicating where relevant notes exist
  • Balance Sheet – displays the last 5 years’ worth of balance sheet items, indicating where notes are cross-referenced
  • Accounts Notes – holds information on items extracted from the latest set of notes, such as exports, audit fees, intermediate assets, bank overdraft, and finance due to directors and group
  • Cash Flow – provides access to 5 years’ of cashflow, including net increase in cash
  • Ratios – lists the main liquidity, performance, employee and gearing ratios
  • Growth Rates – Provides % growth measurements for 1/2/3/4 year periods
  • Filing History – displays every change of name, all mortgage documents and one of each other filing type
  • Major Shareholders – displays the principal shareholder in any UK company and shows the capital structure of the company in terms of the type and amount of shares issued in total

The Know Your Client Report gives an overview of a business and the people behind it including both current and previous directors.

  • Company details / activities / name changes
  • Current and previous directors/members including their date of birth, nationality and other directorships
  • Shareholders
  • Financial profile based on 5 years of accounts
  • Credit score and rating for the current and previous financial period
  • County Court Judgements
  • Group structure (information on subsidiaries)
  • Companies House filings

The conveyancing search details the following information about a company and any charges:

  • Date of incorporation and country of origin
  • Company type and status
  • Nature of business and SIC codes
  • Date of last accounts and returns made
  • Date of next accounts and returns due
  • Previous names and date of change
  • Details of any outstanding charges which affect or may affect the property

The director and shareholder reports detail up-to-date information on directors of live companies, all of the share classes issued by a company and all of the shareholders who own them, including the number of shares held. The director and shareholder report includes the following information.

Directorship details:

  • Appointment date
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Present directorship
  • Resignations

The shareholder’s details provided include:

  • Shareholder name and address
  • Class of shares
  • Number of shares
  • Issued capital
  • Shareholding

The mortgage register search provides a full mortgage register for a particular company since its incorporation. This will include the current status of each of the mortgages against that company.

The liquidation search provides key company financial information about companies who can no longer trade due to outstanding liabilities. The liquidation search provides you with the following company financial information:

  • Liquidation documents
  • Receivership documents
  • Striking off notice
  • Winding-up order

How to Order

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