Guarding against bogus law firms

Searchpoint offers practical support in the 21st century battle against bogus law firms.

In response to the increasing threat posed by criminals posing as law firms to hijack the proceeds of a transaction, Operations Director Tony Clarke explains why he is thrilled Searchpoint now offer Lawyer Checker’s Account and Entity Screen (AES) search as part of their risk and compliance product portfolio.

“With SRA scam alerts higher than ever before, this addition to the Searchpoint risk and compliance toolkit is timely for all of our customers. We are dedicated to helping ensure that our customers minimise and mitigate their exposure to risk, whilst adhering with compliance obligations. This integration with Lawyer Checker’s Account and Entity Screen (AES) search means that customers of Searchpoint can, at the click of a button, verify whether or not the account number and sort code provided have seen a history of conveyancing transactions. We like to think that we offer practical, valuable support in terms of risk management to our customers – including Lawyer Checker only serves to prove this.”

As part of the compliance bundle of products on offer, the AES search can be added to an existing case or bought separately through the Searchpoint website with ease.

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