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Property Screening Report

The Property Screening Report provides additional protection for you and your client and is provided free on all cases. The report shows the results of the property screening in a simple, clear traffic light display. Where a risk has been highlighted an appropriate search is recommended which would give additional information on the risk to enable your client to make an informed decision on their purchase.

Cases are screened against multiple hazards including; nearby planning applications, flooding, coal mining, HS2 and other infrastructure projects, any of which could affect your client's investment and/or enjoyment of their property.

The report ensures that your client is fully aware of any potential risks associated with their purchase and helps prevent any unknown surprises waiting for them after completion. It also demonstrates detailed investigation by the conveyancer and helps protect them against potential complaints.


Each property is screened against the following potential hazards;

Energy & Infrastructure


High Speed 2 Rail
Solar Farms
Wind Farms
Energy Extraction Wells (Fracking)
London Underground

Mining & Ground Stability


China/Ball Clay Mining
Brine Extraction
Coal Mining
Tin Mining
Subsidence Risk
Ground Stability

Flood Environmental & Planning

Flood (River, Coastal and Surface)
Planning (Residential & Commercial)
Air Quality



The results of screening are shown in a red and green traffic light panel giving a clear and easily interpreted display. The screening confirms whether there is evidence of a risk being present at the property address.


Where there is evidence of a potential risk, an appropriate search is recommended. This gives your client more information on the potential hazard and ensures your client is fully aware of the risks present at the property. The report also demonstrates a thorough level of screening has been conducted and that you are working in the best interests of your client.


A Property Screening Report is created for each case and can be printed for your client and case file as evidence of the screening. The report details the risks assessed, which hazards were highlighted and which searches are recommended. The report can be given to your client to provide reassurance and guidance.

Sample - Property Screening Report

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