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Risk Management & Compliance

We offer a range of compliance services which can help you manage your exposure to risk, including Anti-Money Laundering, Identity Theft, Bogus Firms, Lender Handbook compliance as well as meeting the requirements of the Code of Practice.

  • Jet Convey – Lender Handbook Part 2 compliance
  • AML & ID checks – Market leading UK & International AML & ID checks
  • Bank Account Verification- Checks the source of funds and destination account
  • Property Screening & Search Alerts warn against unknown risks that could affect future value.
  • Comparing search turnaround times and prices so that you act in your client’s best interests.


Anti -Money Laundering Searches

The SRA are concerned how the current growth of the UK economy, particularly the strength of the housing market, may lead to the increased use of property transactions to launder the proceeds of crime.

We provide market leading AML checks that use comprehensive and trusted data sources, quickly identifying potentially risky transactions including individuals who are on a PEPs or Sanctions list.



Identifying Bogus Firms

With the sharp increase in the number of bogus firms reported to the SRA, protecting your client’s money and assets has become a priority issue.

Lawyer Checker can help identify fraudsters by verifying the destination bank account is a known account for conveyancing purposes.


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 CML Handbook Compliance

JET assists in managing your exposure to lender negligence claims. Check every case against the latest lending criteria, turning a manual handbook process into a 5-minute automated task.

JET gives conveyancers, and lenders, the comfort and audit-able assurance that they are compliant with every element of the lender’s handbook.



Legal Eye Consultancy

Legal Eye provide a range of tailored services to help you comply with the legal & regulatory framework including; Best Practice, Risk Management, Compliance, Lexcel Accreditation, CQS Applications, Completion of tender responses to win new work, TCF (Treating Customers Fairly) programmes and training.


Outcomes-Focussed Regulation

Searchpoint includes features that can help you demonstrate compliance with the SRA Code of Practice.

Having independent choice, an awareness of turnaround times & pricing for all search options and thorough screening ensures you are acting in the best interests of your clients.

Outcomes-Focussed Regulation Outcomes-Focussed Regulation