Your Search Partner

Adding Value for the Conveyancer

We offer a range of specialist services and market leading products for the commercial lawyer that help improve efficiency, support risk management and lower costs.

We can also help you meet a number of the SRA’s Core Principles;

  • Turnaround and pricing for all searches means you can put your client at the heart of your decision making and act in their best interests.
  • Search Alerts help you identify risks and protect your client’s interests.
  • AML, Anti-fraud and lender handbook compliance services help you comply with relevant legislation.

Commercial Services

Quality products and specialist services for commercial property or land transactions.

Versatile OS Mapping

Adjustable mapping for complex or large sites. Simple tools enable you to draw, fill and modify site boundary and to mark property boundaries and highway separately. The area is also calculated and used for size dependant ancillary searches.

Developments & Land

Commercial developments or land purchases can sometimes cover a large area or multiple parcels of land making address validation and boundary mapping problematic. We will locate the site and map the site boundary for you.

 Online Case Manager

Active tracking keeps you informed of when searches are due and gives a complete audit history of all activity. You will also be able to download searches, invoices, order confirmations, plans and a property screening report.

Free Portfolio Service

Portfolios can put a strain on your resources. We will process your portfolio as a bespoke service, tailored to your individual requirements, thereby freeing up your time for something more productive.

LA & Highways

Direct relationships with Land Charges & Highway departments help return searches quicker, turnaround times and pricing is available prior to order allowing you to act in your client’s best interests.

Capital Allowances

Undertaking Capital Allowance checks on commercial properties can identify if your clients are eligible for tax benefits
of up to 20% off the property purchase price. This tax benefit could save tens to hundreds of thousands of pounds for your
client. As a generalisation most commercial properties or multiple occupancy buy to let residential properties are
eligible for the tax benefit.