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Commercial All-In-One Enviro Bundle

We are pleased to launch a new All-In-One environmental search bundle for commercial property, available exclusively through Searchpoint.

The bundle costs £250 inc vat ( a saving of £158) and includes 4 high quality reports covering the key hazards associated with a commercial property purchase. 

  1. Environmental Screening Report (RRP £198)
  2. Floodview (RRP £102.00)
  3. Planview (RRP £78.00)
  4. Energy & Infrastructure (RRP £30.00)

All reports contain a professional opinion and £10m PI cover.

Save £158

The All-In-One Enviro Bundle costs just £250.00 (inc vat) for commercial sites up to 15 hectares, a saving of £158 compared to individual search prices.

All-In-One Commercial Enviro Bundle

4 commercial environmental reports in one low cost, easy-to-order search pack

Screening Environmental

The report includes detailed environmental data on contaminated land, flood risk, ground stability and geological hazards. The data is reviewed and a professional opinion is provided by specialists within Groundsure’s consultancy team.

Sample report


This report highlights potential disruptive risks ahead of exchange, helping minimise their operational impact. It includes information on retail planning applications, major project planning applications, mobile mast data, environmentally sensitive areas and much more.

Sample report

Energy & Infrastructure

This report provides insight on the location of planned & existing energy extraction and generation installations, including hydrocarbon drilling wells and power stations. It also details the proximity to the Crossrail 1 network and proposed High Speed 2 routes.

Sample report


This report consists of a fully interpreted flood risk assessment and a view on the likely availability of flood risk insurance for the property. The report utilises data from JBA Risk Management, the Environment Agency and the British Geological Survey

Sample report

About Searchpoint

We offer a comprehensive range of property searches, defective title insurance and compliance services for the conveyancing professional. Established in 2008, our award winning software is recognised for an innovative approach that helps improve efficiency, support risk management and lower costs.
We add value through a range of market leading services that help you deliver a better service to your client, including:

Property Screening

Our unique service provides you and your client with the most comprehensive risk screening available. Properties are screened against 24 potential risks with results shown in a clear traffic light display. Searches are recommended where potential risks have been found. A Property Screening Report is produced for your client to demonstrate the depth of risk screening.

Clear Pricing, Product Samples and Turnaround Times 

 Useful information helps you make informed choices and act in the best interests of your client. Turnaround times are updated daily and live tracking of all searches ensures you know exactly what is happening on all cases.

Automatic Boundary Mapping

The freehold boundary of the property or land, as registered with HM Land Registry, is automatically drawn for you. You are free to upload your own plan, amend the freehold boundary or accept the Land Registry boundary as it is. Our Boundary Mapping Service is completely free of charge.

Faster Searches - More Control

Electronic integration with search providers ensures faster search ordering & delivery. Local Authority Searches are ordered in-house for better control and query handling. Real time search tracking gives an accurate picture of when you can expect delivery of your searches.

Lower Prices

A unique discount calculator applies a  bundle discount of up to £25.00 against all multiple search orders. This gives complete flexibility to build your own search packs and ensures a search pack discount is always applied. Pre-configured search packs are also available with National Search Packs starting from as little as £99.00 plus VAT.  

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